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Bathroom Lighting of All Styles

Shop Bathroom Lighting of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

For most people, the bathroom is a very important and high traffic area of the home, as it is visited at the very least, for showers and bathroom visits, not to mention for fixing hair, shaving and applying makeup and so much more. The bathroom is where many start their morning and finish their evening before bedtime. Because personal hygiene is a sacred and quiet time, because personal hygiene is so important, it is very crucial that bathroom lighting in a bathroom is adequate and done well.

Introduction to Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms all have different looks, different natural light, and therefore, different lighting options are needed. When considering updating the lighting in your bathroom, there are different things you have to consider in a bathroom light. Consider your budget, consider the style of your bathroom, consider if you are looking for ceiling lights or wall lights, vanity lights or shower lights. And finally, consider the already available natural light and space, and the areas you feel could use more lighting.

How to Design and Install Bathroom Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom is very important. You need to be able to see optimally for activities such as applying makeup, grooming and shaving, so that mistakes are not made. To design the lighting in a bathroom, the size of the room matters; If the room is small and you have a window that lets in natural light, then a single bathroom fixture may be enough to light the room, preferably from the ceiling. For a bigger room, you may consider installing multiple lights such as multiple ceiling lights or multiple wall lights. Bathroom vanity lighting is something you may want to consider around a bathroom mirror. If there are no windows in the bathroom, adding light fixtures in the shower area may be necessary as well.

However, sometimes one single overhead fixture in the bathroom may create an uneven illumination, and some parts of the bathroom split by a shower wall will not be lit, or there may be shadows thrown. When you are using a mirror you want clear illumination, no shadows. Adding wall lighting to your bathroom, or wall bathroom lighting, such as a sconce or strip light, can help brighten your bathroom. Recessed lighting is always a good idea for bathrooms, and of course any of these types can be installed with LED bathroom lights.

Bathroom Lighting Styles

No matter the style you choose, the bathroom light fixture itself can serve as an important design element, so keep that in mind. There are different types of bathroom light fixtures, such as pendant lighting or chandeliers for more decorative, luxurious, hotel-like bathroom types. Sconces or brackets can also look lovely. Flush mounts on the ceiling come in all sorts of styles perfect for the bathroom as well. Find everything you need for bathroom lighting and more at Lighting Expo!

Design and Installation of Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting can be installed in groups to light a bathroom, rather than using just a singular fixture; This can help to brighten the space and lose the shadows. You can put the bathroom lighting fixture on a dimmer so you can brighten or dim the lighting in the bathroom as needed; For example, in the mornings you may not need such a bright light as you would in the evening.

It is important to remember to measure properly to make sure the size of the room and height of the ceiling so that the Bathroom Lighting fixture you've selected will fit properly within the confines of that space. Also, remember to hire an electrician if the work involved is beyond your area of expertise. Bathroom lighting requires electricity in almost all cases and it is recommended that electrical work be completed by a professional.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to furnishing and completing your Bathroom space, the perfect lighting can make all the difference. Visit Lighting Expo for your Bathroom Lighting needs, pick up some additional Wall Lighting and even get some advice from Lighting Expo design experts, who will make sure you are purchasing the right fixture for your space. Lighting Expo is the #1 lighting company to start your bathroom lighting search with. You can visit us online at or at any of our convenient showrooms for this and so much more, including wall torchieres, picture lights, pharmacy wall lamps and swing arm wall lamps and much more! Whether you are buying Bathroom Lighting or for bath vanity lighting, no matter your budget, the look you are going for, Lighting Expo is the place to go!