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Outdoor Ceiling Mounts and Lights of All Styles

Shop Outdoor Ceiling Mounts and Lights of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Introduction to Ceiling Mounts

Exterior Ceiling Mount Lighting are lights you would use on a covered walkway, an outdoor entrance or foyer to the home, a covered porch, or front steps that have an overhang. Exterior Ceiling Mounts are a type of Ceiling Mount Light which can illuminate any dark exterior space just as you would use a ceiling light on the interior of your home, similar to a foyer light. Proper outdoor lighting can make or break the aesthetics of the home, and can also increase home safety and security. If your home's exterior is very dark, installing Exterior Ceiling Mounts provides illumination to the porch or steps, but also creates a warm and inviting space as you enter a home.

Different Types and Applications of Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling Mounts are one of the most popular types of exterior home lighting available today. A ceiling mount light is intended to be installed on the ceiling surface of any outdoor covered space. Electrical will be involved so it does need to be a covered space, although as an outdoor fixture built to last it can of course get wet. There are many advantages to Ceiling Mounts used on the exterior of your home. One advantage is that the fixtures may be installed for use both indoors and outdoors use, although indoor Ceiling Mounts are not made for use outdoors; Outdoor Ceiling Mounts come in an assortment of beautiful styles, shapes, and sizes to match the exterior of your home. Additionally, Outdoor Ceiling Mounts can brighten the entrance to your home for safe entry by the homeowners, mailman, visitors, and neighbors. Exterior Ceiling Mounts are available in all types and styles, from classic, contemporary, traditional and Old-Victorian style, all from Lighting Expo.

However, one of the best advantages to Exterior Ceiling Mounts is that some fixtures cost less than a hundred dollars, which will fit in any budget and truly beautify your home! And if you're looking to cut down on your overall energy bill, you can use LED Ceiling Mount bulbs!

Design and Installation of Ceiling Mounts

Exterior Ceiling Mounts are very versatile for homes with low exterior ceilings because the outdoor Ceiling Mounts fixtures do not dip low into walking space, as there is no stem or rod used, like other pendant ceiling lights or chandeliers. Exterior Ceiling Mounts are installed directly into the ceiling, so you will need a hook up to the electrical; it is best to call a licensed electrician for this task if you are not comfortable working with electricity.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Mount Lights

Choosing what type of Exterior Ceiling Mounts can be easy with help from the experts at Lighting Expo. They can help narrow your which Ceiling Mounts will work best depending on the look of your home, your needs, the light's ultimate function, and your personal tastes. Lighting Expo carries an enormous collection of exterior lighting, including: exterior wall mounts, exterior flush wall mounts, exterior ceiling mounts, exterior hanging lights, exterior gas lanterns, exterior spot lights, exterior pier mount lights and exterior post lights.