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Outdoor Chandeliers of All Styles

Outdoor Chandeliers are just what they sound like - the type of chandelier you can hang in an oudoor area! Outdoor chandeliers by Lighting Expo are very versatile types of lighting fixtures that can be used in any area outside of a home or business, such as a covered porch, an overhang a deck, or a gazebo. Outdoor Chandeliers can be hung from a lightpost, or can be set upon a stone, brick wall, piers or entranceways if there is not a ceiling available to hang it from. They are beautiful and very functional and can withstand the elements all while serving as pieces of aesthetic décor. A very modern Outdoor Chandelier can make your patio, deck or gazebo look like something out of an old movie or fairytale - just stunning!

Different Types and Applications of Outdoor Chandeliers

Exterior Chandeliers provide warm light that can make any home or business exterior pleasing and inviting. If you've dreamed of having a dinner party on your deck, with perfect mood lighting, an exterior chandelier can serve us some ambiance! Outdoor chandeliers can be hung in a variety of places from gazebos to patios and more. These types of chandeliers will fit perfectly around any area, hung or placed around porches, patios or decks, and upon front entranceways. They are highly functional, LED bulbs can be used, you can have them on a dimmer as well. Some Outdoor Chandeliers have specific functions, such as lighting darkened parts of front steps, driveway areas, backyards, or even beautiful bird baths or fountains. Pier lights serve aesthetic purposes while also brightening up outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Chandeliers can range from the low end of $100 to $2000, and can hang up to 60 inches in length depending on the height you need. There are so many styles available, just as there are for indoor chandeliers, including modern contemporary, traditional, craftsman-mission style, Asian, traditional and nautical themed. Finishes that are available include bronze, black, copper, whites, among others and clear and crystal.

Design and Installation of Outdoor Chandeliers

Exterior Chandelier lighting is often installed in a location where standard lighting would be impractical because it would have the possibility of getting wet. Outdoor Chandeliers may be hung in a variety of places outdoors, as long as the electrical wiring source is available and those hook ups would be wet-rated.

Outdoor chandeliers will have different voltage types: whether line or low voltages. And bulb types offered include Energy Star LED, incandescent, halogen and fluorescent.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Chandeliers

Some people take for granted the importance of outdoor lighting for practical and aesthetic purposes. Other than the aesthetic value that an outdoor chandelier and other types of outdoor lights provide, they also serve an important element of décor to the outdoor portion of your home that is otherwise unparallelled. Additionally, any outdoor lighting enhances security, deterring burglars.

Outdoor Chandeliers are a popular choice among many homeowners because of the beauty of a chandelier and the chance to install this type of outdoor lighting will bring new uses for your space! Shop for all your outdoor lighting options, including exterior chandeliers and more!

Outdoor Chandeliers from Lighting Expo's

Besides Chandeliers, Lighting Expo offers a variety of other lighting for the outdoors, including Wall Mounts, Sconces, Hanging Lights, Ceiling Mounts, Wall Flush Mounts, Post/Pier Heads, Gas Lanterns, Spot Lights, Outdoor Fans, RLM, Mailboxes and Decor, Fountains and Door Chimes. Landscape Lighting itself includes Pathway and Spread Lighting, Accent Lighting, Postmount/Piermount Lighting, Deck and Patio Lighting; Post and Bollard Lighting; Spotlights; Well Lighting; Step Lighting; and Exterior Hanging Lights and more.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to choosing an outdoor chandelier! The friendly and knowledgeable staff at any of Lighting Expo's three showrooms, or online at, will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect exterior chandelier fixture for your home. No matter your need, no matter the space, finish the look of the exterior of your home, your patio or deck, or any room in your house by adding other fixtures from Lighting Expo! Lighting Expo offers an incredibly wide variety of indoor lighting such as Ceiling Lights, Lamps, Fans, Home Accent pieces and so much more! Lighting Expo has more than 25 years of experience lighting your home. When it comes to choosing the best exterior chandelier and more for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you may have!