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Mailboxes of All Styles

At Lighting Expo's showrooms or online at you can shop our wide selection of quality, top brand, wall-mount and post-mount mailboxes that complement any architecture of your home. Some mailboxes attach directly to the side of a home, while others are stand-alone and go at the end of a long driveway or road.

Different Types and Applications of Mailboxes

You can shop by type of mailbox, such as:

Standard Wall Mailboxes.

Standard Wall mailboxes are those that adhere directly to the home. These are the typical, standard type mailboxes for family homes and apartments. This type of mailbox can receive mail and magazines and smaller parcels. Deliveries will not be missed because small parcels can be left in the mailbox rather than exposed to weather and thieves. This type of mailbox can be closed to eliminate any mail exposed to the elements.

Pedestal Post Mount Mailboxes.

Pedestal Post Mount Mailboxes are stand-alone mailboxes. They can go at the end of your yard or curbside, whichever spot is most convenient for your mailperson. These mailboxes are strong and durable, weather resistant and will not rust. They can have a full service locking unit for added security. The extra wide slot provides ample room for a higher volume of mail, several days-worth in fact.

Streetside Mailboxes

Streetside Mailboxes are also stand-alone fixtures that are attached to a post mount. Other streetside mailboxes are available without a post mount. Some are attached to stronger structures. This type of mailbox is a larger receptacle with super functionality to handle 3 times the capacity of a standard mailbox, as it is oversized.

Design and Installation of Mailboxes

You can search for a particular mailbox need by mailbox size. It is easy to find a USPS approved mailbox in the most common sizes to match any of your postal needs. USPS approved mailboxes are available in Standard, Large and Extra Large size, so if you are receiving typical standard mail, a standard size is fine, but if you are a business receiving larger mail, an extra large sized mailbox may be what you need. An extra large mailbox has an internal security with lower storage compartment. It is extra durable and has a clip for outgoing mail and is made of heavy duty stainless steel.

Any of these mailboxes can have house numbers added, as well. And all are approved by the US postmaster general.

The installation of any of these types of mailboxes should not be too difficult. Adhering it directly to your home involves some tools and hardware. Installation of mailboxes that need to be on a post will need to be driven into the ground.

Mailboxes from Lighting Expo's

Besides Mailboxes and other similar exterior decor, Lighting Expo offers a variety of other lighting for the outdoors, including Wall Mounts, Sconces, Hanging Lights, Ceiling Mounts, Wall Flush Mounts, Post/Pier Heads, Gas Lanterns, Spot Lights, Outdoor Fans, RLM, Chandeliers, Fountains, and Door Chimes. Landscape Lighting itself includes Pathway and Spread Lighting, Accent Lighting, Postmount/Piermount Lighting, Deck and Patio Lighting; Post and Bollard Lighting; Spotlights; Well Lighting; Step Lighting; and Exterior Hanging Lights and more.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a mailbox for your home! The friendly and knowledgeable staff at any of Lighting Expo's three showrooms, or online at, will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect mailbox that is right for your home, whether it is adhered by your front door or out on your long driveway. No matter your need, no matter the space, finish the look of the exterior of your home by adding other fixtures or décor from Lighting Expo! Lighting Expo offers an incredibly wide variety of indoor lighting such as Ceiling Lights, Lamps, Fans, Home Accent pieces like Mirrors and more! Lighting Expo has more than 25 years of experience lighting your home. When it comes to choosing the best mailboxes and more for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you may have!