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Gas Lanterns of All Styles

Shop Gas Lanterns of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Gas Lanterns by Lighting Expo are very adaptable types of lighting fixtures that can be used on the exterior of your home or business. Gas Lanterns are actually run by gas, these are not the type of lanterns with lightbulbs on the interior of the tempered glass. This is a truly magnificient and charming look that cannot be outdone.

Gas Lanterns can be hung from the ceiling, hung from a lightpost, can be installed into the wall as you would a sconce, or can be installed upon a stone, brick wall, pier or entranceway. Gas Lanterns are beautiful and very functional, and when it comes to lighting walkways, entrances, there is no better piece of décor to make a grand statement like a Gas Lantern. These old-fashioned Gas Lanterns look incredible modern, and can make you feel like you are living in a classic movie!

Different Types and Applications of Gas Lanterns

Gas Lanterns provide a soft, warm light that can make any home or hotel or business exterior pleasing to guests and invite them in, in style! Gas Lanterns will fit perfectly whether hung or placed on porches, patios or decks, and of course upon front entranceways. They are highly functional as well because they have specific functions to lighten dark areas, long dark driveways, outdoor gazebos and more.

Design and Installation of Gas Lanterns

Gas Lanterns may be hung in a variety of places, as long as the gas source is available. There may need to be electrical work done if the wiring is not there. There are other lanterns available that are not Gas Lanterns needing gas; these options include those that can be wired electrically or even those that are solar powered!

How to Choose the Best Gas Lanterns

Some people take for granted the importance of outdoor lighting, but having a marvelous Gas Lantern truly would set your hotel, your business, your home apart from the others. Other than the aesthetic value that a Gas Lantern would offer, which is true beauty and appeal to your home and adding a great deal of value to the worth of your home, Gas Lanterns offer so much more: safety and security and illuminating the pathways into your home.

Gas Lanterns are a popular choice among many homeowners because of the many advantages of installing of outdoor lighting of this kind. Shop for all your outdoor lighting needs, including exterior wall mounts, exterior flush wall mounts, exterior ceiling mounts, exterior hanging lights, exterior gas lanterns, exterior spot lights, exterior pier mount lights and exterior post lights.