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Hanging Lights of All Styles

Shop Hanging Lights of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Introduction to Hanging Lights

When it comes to Hanging Lights, there is no better place to turn to than Lighting Expo. A Lighting Expo outdoor hanging light will bring style and great lighting to any outdoor area of your home. Hanging Lights are ideal for an outdoor covered patio, a covered foyer leading to the front steps and various other areas of the home where there is a clearance that can allow for a fixture to hang down a bit. Hanging Lights can serve a decorative purpose and add to the aesthetic look of the home, greatly increasing its value. But Hanging Lights are also great for lighting an otherwise dark space, protecting it from burglaries or intruders. As well as lighting the space for safety reasons so a homeowner can safely climb the front steps, be able to see to open the front door, etc.

Besides using hanging lights for the residential home, hanging lights are also great for businesses and hotels that have an outdoor overhang. It is important that these areas are well lit for the guests arriving and departing, and this amount of traffic also needs a well-lit space for safety reasons. In residences Hanging Lights are most often used in the backyard on a closed porch, closed deck, enclosed patio space and often a gazebo. In any of these spaces you can wire the light on the ceiling as you would if it were indoors. Many homeowners are also choosing to use Hanging Lights in the front porch so they can see the home's exterior better upon returning home. Finally, driveway overhangs and covered walkways are other perfect spots to install Hanging Lights.

Different Types and Applications of Hanging Lights

When you think of what passes for Hanging Lights it's important to remember that while you can hang an outdoor/exterior hanging light inside, you cannot and should not hang an interior light outdoors. Exterior Hanging Lights are built durable and to withstand rain and snow, wind and hail. Indoor lights are not as durable. Even the wiring on an exterior light is different.

Hanging Lights comes in an assortment of styles and designs, different colors, different hanging lengths. Sometimes Hanging Lights are offered as a part of an outdoor ceiling fan, in this case a fan that comes with a light kit.

Design and Installation of Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights are a fairly common, easy installation in most homes, however it is critical to install the correct type to insure safety and security. If you aren't comfortable using the self-assemble kits that may come with it, you should read the owner's manual or hire a licensed electrician.

With the right ceiling height available, outdoor home ceiling lighting like exterior Hanging Lights are a great idea to add to any outside space. Excluding if you have a low ceiling; installing an outdoor ceiling light such as a Hanging Light can be dangerous to passersby and should not be installed.

How to Choose the Best Hanging Lights

It's always nice to arrive home to a beautiful, well-lit outdoor area thanks to outdoor lighting such as a Hanging Light. You can visit Lighting Expo online at or at a nearby showroom to view top of the line and affordable, quality Hanging Light fixtures and more. Lighting Expo carries an enormous collection of exterior lighting, including: exterior wall mounts, exterior flush wall mounts, exterior ceiling mounts, exterior hanging lights, exterior gas lanterns, exterior spot lights, exterior pier mount lights and exterior post lights.