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Outdoor Pier Mounts of All Styles

Shop Outdoor Pier Mounts of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Introduction to Pier Mounts

When it comes to Pier Mounts, there is no better place to turn to find this great lighting fixture and accessory than Lighting Expo. A Lighting Expo outdoor pier mount light will bring awesome style and terrific case of good lighting to any fixture in any outdoor area of your home. Pier Mounts are the base or mounts/posts for the lighting that needs a post/mount. There are pier mounts that are burial posts which you bury in the ground and come out of the surface to hoist the lighting fixture. There are posts that a lantern would set upon the base. Pier Mounts can serve a decorative base and add to the great look of the lighting fixture you have chosen, greatly increasing its value.

Different Types and Applications of Pier Mounts

Pier Mounts are generally used for outdoor lighting fixtures and exterior lighting needs. Pier Mounts comes in an assortment of styles and designs, different colors, different hanging lengths.

Pier Mounts range from black, bronze, and gold to white and colored. These bases come in an array so that they can match the fixture you have chosen to a tee. There are all different styles, antique to modern, vintage and everything in between. And at Lighting Expo, we carry pier mounts from over 20 different brands. They range from 6" to 60" in height available. And from 6" to 48" inches in width, so if you have a wide lighting fixture that needs a pier mount or post, it is available.

Benefits of Posts over Other Lighting Fixtures

Pier Mounts are used for more than just an accessory to illumination. Today's Pier Mounts are intended to be truly outstanding and elegant, so they make a decorative statement on your outdoor space.

One great benefit of Pier Mounts is that you can place them anywhere you want since they are a moveable element/accessory. They are strong and sturdy. Another benefit is that the wiring for the fixture is then hidden underneath the ground to keep your yard tidy and without wires.

Design and Installation of Pier Mounts

Pier Mounts are a fairly common need. Some lighting such as lanterns need a base for the use you want to use them on. Say you want to have numerous gas lanterns on a brick wall, you may need a base to house the fixture.

How to Choose the Best Pier Mounts

Outdoor pier mounts are available made from many different materials, with different designs and styles. There is sure to be a pier mount found at any of our Lighting Expo showrooms or online that you will like.

It's always nice to arrive home to a beautiful, well-lit outdoor area thanks to outdoor lighting and exterior lighting fixtures. You can visit Lighting Expo online at or at a nearby showroom to view top of the line and affordable, quality collection of exterior lighting, including: exterior wall mounts, exterior flush wall mounts, exterior ceiling mounts, exterior hanging lights, exterior gas lanterns, exterior spot lights, exterior pier mount lights and exterior post lights.