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Post/Pier Head Lighting of All Styles

A house, no matter how impressive, can still look uninviting when there is not enough light outdoors. You might even scare your guests and neighbors away and attract burglars. Outdoor lighting may be a simple detail, but one that needs careful consideration. If you want bright illumination outside your home, consider Postmount/Piermount Lighting (and garden lighting if you have a garden). These outdoor lights are quite affordable, provide excellent illumination and a warm, safer atmosphere.

Various Applications of Pier/Post Head Lighting

Post/Pier Head Lighting is often thought of as streetlight type lighting. In some cases, some designs still look this way. In fact, many amusement parks (think Disney World) and other public places use lampposts and Pier/Post Head Lighting for lighting their pathways to keep everything well-lit for park-goers. But also, these light fixtures serve an element of décor during the daytime hours as well, as they are very attractive and are used in the landscaping. The same establishments also make use of these lamps for security purposes. In any case, Pier/Post head lighting serves multi-purposes. Within residences and apartment complexes, Post/Pier Head lighting is used to illuminate a home's landscape, perhaps light the way along a pathway leading to the front door. They are also used in a garden to enhance a garden or gazebo area.

The designs of Pier/Post head lighting has truly grown to be so much more than “street lights” The “heads” are unique and elegant, many are lantern looking, and all make the outdoor space that much more pleasing. Many landscaping professionals use them as a staple to add a decorative quality for daylight hours, and serve an ambient lighting purpose during nighttime hours to add a focal point to landscaping.

Benefits of Pier/Post Head Lighting over Other Lighting Fixtures

You do not need a ceiling or wall to install an outdoor Pier/Post head light; All that is required is a post or lamp post to be put into the ground so you can add the Pier/Post Head atop the post. You can place these fixtures almost anywhere you want because they have their own poles to hold the lamps, so they can go at the end of a driveway, in the middle of a yard, etc. To install, the wiring is hidden underneath the ground to keep your yard looking neat and tidy; You may need to do some electrical work or run lines. However, there are LED Pier/Post heads and Solar-powered Pier/Post head Lighting available at Lighting Expo, which just harness the energy of the sun and turn on when the sun sets. Many Pier/Post head lighting fixtures can be set on a timer to do the same.

Pier/Post Head Lighting is durable in weather conditions. The design and quality of the materials means that it is protected from rust and the bulbs inside the casing are also protected from outdoor elements, making them highly durable and reliable.

How to Choose the Best Pier/Post Head Lighting

You first need to pick out a location to install your Pier/Post head lighting and post. You will need to determine the right size and type of outdoor post lamp, which can be done easily; if your yard covers a wide area, choose a bigger, taller fixture so you are able to choose a higher watter bulb to brighten a wider area. For landscaping on the other hand, shorter lampposts are suitable as they provide softer illumination, which is all that is intended with them, typically.

Light Up Your Home with Pier/Post Head Lighting from Lighting Expo

Your home will look more inviting and impressive with Pier/Post Head Lighting. Lighting Expo has a huge selection and our experts can help you with style, size and any questions you might have. When it comes to enhancing the look of the exterior of your home, a fixture such as a Sconce can make a huge difference! Visit Lighting Expo for your Post/Pier Head lighting purchase. Lighting Expo offers a wide selection of outdoor lighting and Landscape Lighting, including Pathway and Spread Lighting, Accent Lighting, Postmount/Piermount Lighting, Deck and Patio Lighting; Post and Bollard Lighting; Spotlights; Well Lighting; Step Lighting; Exterior Hanging Lights, Sconces, Hanging Lights, Chandeliers, Ceiling Mounts, Wall Flush Mounts, Post/Pier Heads, Gas Lanterns, Spot Lights, Outdoor Fans, RLM, Mailboxes and Decor, Door Chimes and Fountains.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to outdoor lighting and landscape lighting design, and choosing Post/Pier Head lighting is a great start! The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Lighting Expo's will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect outdoor lighting for your home.