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A house, no matter how beautiful, can still look uninviting when it is dark at nighttime because there is not enough light outdoors to light the surface and the outdoor areas of the home. You might even attract burglars this way! But not with the proper landscape lighting! Outdoor lighting is a simple but important detail. If you have found the perfect hanging lantern, the perfect post lamp or another fixture of the sort that needs a base, or a post to hang it from, you can turn to Posts from Lighting Expo!

When some people think of outdoor Posts, they may not know what to think, but a post is a slender, sometimes decorated or detailed straight fixture that extends into the ground so that it is sturdy enough to safely and securely hang a lighting fixture from it. Posts are available in several modern designs to choose from, as well as a more antique vintage look, and many other styles in between. Lighting Expo has a great selection of posts for sale and can help you find a fixture that match the style of your home.Various Applications of Outdoor Posts

Some hotels and businesses use posts and post lamps for illumination, however these days many homeowners use an outdoor post in their yard or by their entryway or porch to enhance their landscape, their garden areas, or light up pathways and other outdoor spaces.

Benefits of Posts over Other Lighting Fixtures

Posts are used for more than just an accessory to illumination. Today's posts are designed truly uniquely and elegant, so they make a decorative statement on your outdoor space. Many landscape professionals choose to install a post as part of the landscape decoration as they bring a focal point to the yard.

One great benefit of posts is that you can place them anywhere you want since they have their own poles to hold the lamps. They are strong and sturdy. Another benefit is that the wiring for the fixture is then hidden underneath the ground to keep your yard tidy and without wires.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Posts

You first need to pick out a location to determine the right size and type of outdoor post you should purchase. A tall post is ideal for driveways and big, open lawns since it covers a wider area. However, you will also want a larger light fixture, and one that can have a brighter light, as the more distance it needs to light, the dimmer it will be. So a tall post is perfect where there is space. A smaller post should be chosen where you have less landscaping distance to cover.

Outdoor posts are available made from many different materials, with different designs and styles. There is sure to be a post found at any of our Lighting Expo showrooms or online that you will like.

Your home will look more inviting and impressive with an outdoor post, holding one of our beautiful hanging lanterns or post lamps. Lighting Expo at has a huge selection of exterior wall mounts, exterior flush wall mounts, exterior ceiling mounts, exterior hanging lights, exterior gas lanterns, exterior spot lights, exterior pier mount lights and exterior post lights. Our experts can help you with finding the perfect style and size as well as answer any questions you might have.