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Light Kits of All Styles

Introduction to Light Kits

Lighting Expo showrooms and online website offers a variety of ceiling fans, from indoor to outdoor, small to large, low hanging or hugger fans, wood or brass builds, and everything in between. One very popular accessory product sold is called a Light Kit. Light Kits are attachments to Ceiling fans, sold separately, that can be installed onto fans, thereby creating an additional lighting feature within your room, on a fixture that is already functioning to cool your space. Ceiling fans with light kits on them are an attractive but more so, a functional way to make great use of the fixture and provide some additional lighting options in your room.

When it comes to Light Kits, Lighting Expo sells the best kits that are capable of being paired with a wide selection of great indoor and outdoor fans. Ceiling Fan Light Kits are a great choice and add lots of functionality to any room in your home. Light kits are available in a wide range of styles and designs and can add ornamental and aesthetic value while also adding lighting functionality. By circulating air to keep a home cool and also lighting your room with perfect illumination, a ceiling fan with light kit is truly giving you double for your money.

Make your home more comfortable and enhance the lighting with Ceiling Fan with Lights. This is a great alternative to buying a separate piece of lighting fixture and a separate fan. You can get a better unified look and save money by combining the two!

Different Designs and Applications of Light Kits

Light Kits are available in so many different shapes, sizes, and looks; there is no excuse to not find one you love, either in a Lighting Expo showroom or online. The options are endless for styles.

Some light kits are available with one singular light fixture, while there are others with multiple lights, almost a candelabra look. Some of the design styles include: modern, traditional, restoration and rustic. Other lights have a flush mount look to them.

Light kits are available with pull-down chains, access by remote control, or more traditional hard wall switches. Lights in light kits can be put on a dimmer depending on the type and bulb type.

Installation of Light Kits

Generally, you should follow the set up instructions that came with your distinctive light kit, however, generally, to begin you should remove the switch house cover plan, remove the plug, use a circuit tester to verify the power is off and you can continue to work safely. Feed the light kit wires through the holes in light kit plate and screen it on tightly. Locate the wires in the fan switch to connect to the light wires and follow all manufacturer's instructions. Attach with the appropriate hardware and use bulbs you are instructed to via the manufacturer instructions. Observe all electrical codes and contact an electrician if you need assistance or if your homes' wiring is tricky. If you are willing to do the work yourself and following directions, most Ceiling Fan Light Kit installations can be done easily and quickly.

Light Kits from Lighting Expo

Besides Light Kits, Lighting Expo offers Ceiling Fans and Outdoor Fans, Fan Controls and fan accessories, as well as a variety of other lighting for the indoors and outdoors, including Wall Mounts, Sconces, Hanging Lights, Ceiling Mounts, Wall Flush Mounts, Post/Pier Heads, Gas Lanterns, Spot Lights, Chandeliers, Ceiling Lights, Lamps, Home Accent pieces and more.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a light kit for your home! The friendly and knowledgeable staff at any of Lighting Expo's three showrooms, or online at, will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect light kit for your ceiling fan for any room in your home. Lighting Expo has more than 25 years of experience lighting your home. When it comes to choosing the best ceiling fan light kits and more for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you may have!