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Portable Fans of All Styles

If there is no ceiling space available to you, but you are still looking for the functionality of a fan, Lighting Expo showrooms and online website offers a variety of portable fans! From indoor to outdoor, small to large, designed to be used in a fancier living room, more simple use in a child's bedroom, or for rugged use in a warehouse, and everywhere in between, there is a portable fan to meet your needs.

Lighting Expo's Portable Fans range in design from vintage to modern chic with exquisite attention to every detail. Portable Fans are a classy, ideal solution to complement the design in your home, if you are looking for a decorative, ornamental value in your fan. This design of Portable Fans add a simple but important detail to bring air movement to your home, and will be a piece you will not feel the need to hide, as they are very aesthetically pleasing. Functional, elegant and stylish floor fans comes in all shapes and sizes as do those made for a small table space. Larger more durable portable fans are made to sit on the floor or be hung in larger spaces such as warehouse and garages. Lighting Expo offers a variety of Portable Fans and desk fans. This is in addition to the many other ceiling lighting and wall lighting products Lighting Expo carries.

Introduction to Portable Fans

Show off your personal style by selecting a portable that complements a room's overall design, or your end-game needs. Lighting Expo has Portable Fans to add ambiance to your home whether your room is big or small, in need of a functional or decorative fixture. And if your need is more rugged, we carry those types of fans too.

Different Types and Applications of Portable Fans

There are an array of different types of portable fans:

  • Drum fans- Drums fans are heavy-duty industrial fans that can ventilate large warehouse areas. They typically have a wheel so you can move them around on floor as needed.
  • Pedestal Fans- Pedestal Fans are useful for cooling your warehouse or garage or industrial area to keep employees cool. These are typically a floor standing fan.
  • Wall Mount Fans - Wall mount fans are stationary but adjustable when mounted. They have an oscillating motion which swings them in a wide 90 degree arc to let you direct airflow. Having a wall mount frees up floor space.
  • Workstation Fans- Workstation fans are for use at packing stations or other warehouse locations to keep employees cool.
  • Floor Fans- Floor fans are square shaped fans that offer comfortable breezes to keep workers cool.
  • Heavy Duty Fans - Heavy duty fans are the best fans to move the most amount of air around to keep workers and equipment cool in your warehouse. Powerful blades. These usually look like a Floor Fan.
  • Vornado Shop Fans and Room Fans - Vornado shop and room fans are fans of a convenient table top size that are used in offices and warehouse receiving rooms to keep workers and equipment cool. They are also for use in homes' garages or workshops.
  • Misting Fans - Misting fans are for outdoor use to keep areas and people cool.
  • Desktop Fans- Desktop fans keep your personal workspace cool and comfortable so you can be productive.
  • Portable Blowers - Portable blowers are used for quickly drying wet floors or carpets in offices, warehouses and schools.
Design and Installation of Portable Fans

One of the best attributes of a portable fan is that it can be moved around to almost any location! And if it is a wall mount portable fan, its angle can be changed to vary the direction of where it will blow.

Assess the size of the room and what your needs are before you decide which type of Lighting Expo portable fan is right for you. The size will determine the number of fixtures you need to adequately cool your space.

Installation is simple for portable fans; Simply read the instructional manual and identify the nearest electrical outlet. Plug in and enjoy.

Portable Fans from Lighting Expo

Besides portable fans, Lighting Expo offers other Indoor Ceiling Fans and Outdoor Fans, as well as Hugger ceiling fans, Damp-location ceiling fans, light kits, Fan Controls and fan accessories and a whole array of other types of fans, from portable to fans on stands. Non- fan items from Lighting Expo include but are not limited to Hanging Lights, Ceiling Mounts, Post/Pier Heads, Gas Lanterns, Spot Lights, Chandeliers, Ceiling Lights, Lamps, Home Accent pieces like Mirrors and more.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a Portable Fan for your home! The friendly and knowledgeable staff at any of Lighting Expo's three showrooms, or online at, will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect portable fan for any room in your home. Lighting Expo has more than 25 years of experience lighting your home. When it comes to choosing the best Portable Fan and more for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you may have!