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Foyer Lighting of All Styles

Shop Foyer Lighting of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Go from a good to a great first impression and make your guests feel welcomed as soon as they step foot inside your home with beautiful Foyer Lighting. With Foyer Lighting, you can achieve a warm, comfortable feel in your home, as well as show a dash of elegance, starting directly from entrance in your foyer. The foyer is the first room guests enter into, the first room you come home to, and the place where your home is presented. For an inviting atmosphere, make sure to illuminate your foyer or entryway properly. Lighting your foyer does not just serve an ornate purpose; It also adds a layer of security for your home. You can achieve this by installing sophisticated Foyer/ Hall Lanterns instead of just another ceiling light fixture.

The Benefits of Foyer Lighting

The elegance of foyer lighting, such as a foyer lantern or hallway lantern, will remind you of grand chateaus and castles of yore. They have that vintage feel that can create an enchanting, warm glow to any home. Make your guests feel at home in an abode of grandeur with modern foyer lighting.

To achieve this grand look, you do not have to spend a fortune! To make your home look sophisticated, innovative solutions like stylish foyer lanterns or hallway lanterns are also affordable! These fixtures can turn a dull room into a very charming space. Most top manufacturers now offer several choices of foyer lighting, in keeping with the preferences of new homeowners. This means there are many foyer lighting options for you to find a fixture that suits you and your needs. You won't have a difficult time looking for the perfect light fixture at Lighting Expo. Shop all foyer lighting and hall lighting at Lighting Expo and find the perfect foyer light today.

How to Choose the Best Foyer Lantern

When shopping for foyer lighting, you should base your selection on the space and the decorating scheme of your home. If you are going with a certain look, say rustic or southwestern, stick with that design; there is a foyer lantern that will adhere to your design scheme! It is also very important to measure the size of the room you will install the fixture. This is because you want to make sure that the hanging lantern is the right size for the room (not too big or too small to light the room) and also that there is enough clearance below it for your guests to pass freely without accident.

Foyer lighting is good for illuminating an entryway so you can see properly and avoid trips or falls as you enter or leave the home. It is also a great security system and can be set on a timer so that it always seems as if someone is home, while keeping the doorway properly lit.

Foyer lighting can be hung with just one single fixture or multiple. If the space is rather large, several hanging foyer lanterns can better provide the adequate light necessary to light the space. If you have a two story foyer, this is a great opportunity to light the foyer by the window above the door so that the fixture can be seen from outside. You can shop all sorts of foyer lighting all at

Lighting Expo's online shop,, offers foyer lanterns in various styles, from traditional to contemporary designs. Depending on the current look of your foyer, you may choose light fixtures to supplement that look or go with a totally different look. Make sure your foyer lighting is providing the proper lighting, whether you need it well-lit or ambient light, or were looking for an ornate fixture or not. Visit Lighting Expo at and choose from our wide selection of foyer and hallway lighting.

A good tip after purchasing a foyer light is to make sure you choose the correct type of light bulbs. Choosing correctly can enhance you lighting system, so make sure the bulbs you buy are the correct wattage for the fixture you chose. It should say what wattage bulb to choose on the fixture. LED bulbs may cost more upfront but can last years longer than non-LED bulbs.

We have dedicated lighting experts who can help you choose the very best Foyer/Hall Lantern Lighting for your home. If you are unsure of what to purchase for your home, save time and money by asking one of our dedicated Lighting Expo staff, who will help you make the right choice for you. Lighting Expo carries an enormous collection of Ceiling Lighting including Large Chandeliers, Mid-size Chandeliers and Mini Chandeliers, Pendants and Mini Pendants, Island / Pool Table Lighting, Flush Mount and Semi Flush Mounts, Foyer / Hallway Lanterns, Track Lighting, Recessed Lighting and Ceiling Medallions. Lighting Expo has more than 25 years of experience lighting your home. When it comes to choosing the best type of fans or lighting for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at will be able to answer any questions you may have!