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Clocks of All Styles

Tick tock – time's a wasting for you to enhance the décor of your home while also adding an element of functionality! One of the best ways to spruce up your home without completely changing the look and spending that type of money is with home accent and decorative pieces. Clocks are one such home accent piece! Any homeowners will already be very familiar with Clocks and their purpose, but what you may not know is that clocks are available in so many types and styles they can really make decorating fun and bring the interior design of a room to life!

Introduction to Clocks

Wall clocks may have first been created for purposeful reasons, so homeowners could quickly keep track and tell time, but they have truly grown and expanded to include so many more modern designs, more ornate, far past the simplistic looks of yore, and they have become a powerful design element to add to the home. You can find Clocks for the indoor and enclosed outdoor areas of your home from Lighting Expo in an assortment of designs, colors, materials, and sizes. The most familiar type of Clock is the circular, basic clock, but there are so many other styles and designs, from interesting faces on the clocks to unique designs of the hands. Read below to find more information about the different designs and uses of clocks in modern interior design today!

Different Types and Applications of Clocks

Clocks can be used for functionality or décor in most any rooms of your household. Practical, well-designed and tasteful clocks come in all shapes (yes, not all circular!) and sizes, in an array of finishes and styles. There are different types of clocks: Wall Clocks, hung from and adhered to the wall; or Table Clocks, which are portable and can be moved around as a piece of décor to movable design element would. You can find Home Décor and Furniture, in addition to the many types of Clocks at Lighting Expo.

There are many reasons a homeowner would choose to purchase a home accent item such as a Clock. They may be used for functional purposes, such as being hung by the doorway so you can check time before you leave for the day, or within the bedroom so you can anticipate how long it will take you to get ready. Many homeowners place a clock in the kitchen as it is a high traffic area. And still, decorative clocks are making their way into the living room and family room areas to add décor.

Design and Installation of Clocks

People use Clocks to provide specific decorating enhancement for rooms in their home or for a functional, practical, efficiency purpose. If a Clock is not used functionally it may be used to decorate a blank wall, just as you would use a framed piece of art or a photo. Clocks can be used like artwork on the wall, but they bring a slightly different feel to the room than artwork alone can provide. Many living spaces within a home have more than their fair share of empty wall space, and homeowners aren't sure what to do with the space – add a clock! Clocks can be hung singularly or in groups to create a gallery, for a really interesting look. You can set the clocks all at the same time or at international times to reflect the times around the world! Whatever the reason you choose to purchase a Clock, there is no better place to turn in your search for Clocks than Lighting Expo!

It is helpful to install Clocks you intend to use for functional reasons in spaces where they will be easily seen. Depending on the size, clocks can be easily hung and should not need any professional installation. Just remember to measure the size of the clock versus the size of the space so you are leaving enough room for the fixture to hang. You will want to make sure you mount it appropriately so it does not fall. Remember that Wall Decor such as Clocks can be bought and hung in groups or singularly depending on how much wall space you have.

How to Choose the Best Clocks

With so many options, various styles, shapes and sizes, homeowners have found many uses for Clocks in the home. So when it comes to furnishing your home, it's all in the details of each accessory, each home accent piece, and the perfect Clock can make all the difference! Look to Lighting Expo when creating a fresh look for the interior walls or tables of your home! Visit Lighting Expo for your Clock or other home accent or lighting purchases. Some of the many types of Accent Accessories from Lighting Expo includes: barware, bookends, bowls/plates, boxes, candles/candle holders, chargers, clocks, covers/slipcovers, finials, fireplace accessories, home fragrances, rugs/pillows/blankets, shelves, statues/sculptures, trays, urns, vases/planters.There are so many possibilities when it comes to home interior design, choosing home accent pieces, indoor and outdoor lighting and so much more, and you will surely choose the perfect accent pieces or lighting for your home at one of Lighting Expo's many showrooms or online at