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Boxes of All Styles

Decorative Boxes

Are you interested in purchasing some decorative boxes for your home? If so, Lighting Expo is the place for you to shop! There are so many different types of accent pieces considered "boxes", let's explore the many options so you don't miss out!

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are one such type of decorative box! Jewelry boxes are perfect to display on top of a dresser and have many functions. They are great for storing and organizing jewelry, and you can choose a box that shows off your personal style, as they are available in so many different materials from wood to ceramic to marble! Neglecting to store your jewelry properly means it may tarnish, get dull or even lost! So a jewelry box is a great choice to keep things neat and clean! There are many sizes available, so if you have a large amount of bracelets to store, you may need to choose a larger box, and if you have rings to store you may want to choose a jewelry box with the added compartments for that. If you have beautiful jewelry like pearls and diamonds that have been passed down through the generations, you will want to choose a jewelry box that is just as beautiful! You can find the perfect jewelry box at Lighting Expo at
Toy Boxes & Benches

Without toy boxes and storage benches, your children's play things, toys and equipment can get out of control, with pieces all over your house. And as lovely as it is that they have such nice play things, sometimes you just want your house back in order! If you are looking for a chic, stylish way to sort and organize your children's toys, Lighting Expo has an array of storage ideas, like Toy Boxes and Storage Benches, where you can simply lift and toss the toys on it. There are also toy boxes with compartments where you can sort and store, or storage units with drawers or where you can add baskets to accommodate toys. Declutter your home and make it more pleasing and clean with a great toy box!


Chests may be thought of as memory boxes that are only unearthed from the attic, or treasure chests that store pirates booty – but chests have made a serious designer comeback and are so much more! Chests are great accent pieces to a room! They come in all different sizes, from small to large. Larger chests are great for storing blankets and pillows so you can declutter your couch for seasonal reasons or when guests are arriving. Fancier chests can also be used to hold children's toys and other items that you may not want out when guests arriving. Finally, chests are great for use in the bedroom to store sheets or mementos!

Tabletop Accent Boxes

Some additional tabletop accent boxes are great for uses like tossing your keys and wallet in after work, storing playing cards, and displaying items, such as a war medal. These are some great choices for accent boxes and are a decorative element as well as very useful.

Finding the Perfect Accent Box at Lighting Expo

You do not have to break the bank to give your home a new look, especially with such affordable storage solutions like Accent Boxes, right around the corner (or online!) at Lighting Expo! Surely you will find a home accent piece that suits you in style, taste and budget!

Lighting Expo offers everything you need to redecorate your home. Lighting Expo carries Accent Boxes and so many other accent accessories for the home including: barware, bookends, bowls/plates, boxes, candles/candle holders, chargers, clocks, covers/slipcovers, finials, fireplace accessories, home fragrances, rugs/pillows/blankets, shelves, statues/sculptures, trays, urns, vases/planters. Lighting Expo also offers an incredibly wide variety of Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, Lamps, Outdoor Lighting, Fans and Home Accent pieces. Lighting Expo has more than 25 years of experience lighting your home. When it comes to choosing the best type of fans or lighting for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at will be able to answer any questions you may have!