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Fireplace Tools of All Styles

The fireplace and hearth is usually the focal point of many rooms in a home. Most design a room with furniture and lighting around the fireplace as the centerpiece. This is due to many reasons, one of which being that nothing is quite as inviting as nestling yourself comfortable by a warm fire and enjoying a quiet evening in your home.

High quality wrought iron fireplace accessories can truly help accentuate your fireplace, as some nowadays are very aesthetic, while also providing much needed functionality. At Lighting Expo, our ranges of fireplace and hearth accessories include Items like fireplace tools and screens, both of which are an essential part of properly maintaining your fireplace! If there are firewood logs dirtying up your home and having no place, firewood racks and carriers can hold the logs stylishly and effectively. You can choose from a variety of styles so that fireplace tools match your home, whether it is rustic, contemporary, or has a modern feel.

A necessity: Fireplace Tools

Arguably the most crucial fireplace accessory is the wrought iron fireplace tool set. Wrought iron fireplace tools often serve an essential role in keeping your fireplace and hearth clean and maintained properly so that any and all fires burn properly and safely. A fireplace tool set often includes a stand, tongs, broom, poker and perhaps another item such as a brush. Many fireplace sets on the marketplace now will bring beauty and character to your fireplace while also making it usable. There are many advantages to using wrought iron hardware and accessories including that they withstand high heat and flames, making them long-lasting, they are durable and strong, so you can move and lift heavier logs, and finally, their dark coloring rarely show stains and smudges, so it won't show soot, soil, ash and other dirty elements, plus they are easy to clean off!

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screens are a decorative way of keeping dangerous sparks where they belong. Besides providing a barrier from the fire to any human interaction (especially children), fireplace screens prevent logs from rolling out of the flames, and allow for optimal airflow and an efficient burn. Fireplace screen are available in a variety of materials that can withstand heat such as wrought iron, and there are even Tiffany glass fireplace screens by Meyda, or many other decorative screens, including those showing a forest setting!

Magazine/Log Racks

Taking care of your firewood can be a stylish task that is easily accomplished through the use of a fireplace firewood rack or log rack, also known sometimes as a magazine rack. Firewood Racks and Log Carriers keep your firewood neat, keep any mess away in a rack, and allow you to have firewood easily accessible when you're ready to enjoy a warm fire. With many different styles and finishes available to match any room decor, we'll surely have a log rack to properly maintain your fireplace.

How to Choose the Best Decorative and Practical Fireplace Tools

Fireplace tools and screens and log racks add a finishing touch to your fireplace. Shop for basic sets that complement your design theme, and complete your look with any of these fireplace accessories from Lighting Expo.

When it comes to furnishing your home, it's the little details like adding functional and cool Fireplace Tools to your hearth, that can truly make all the difference in how you use that room, whether you light that fire and get cozy with friends and family. With help from Lighting Expo design experts, you can be sure your experience purchasing any Fireplace Tool will be successful and satisfying. You will enjoy choosing from the many unique styles and materials of Fireplace Tools, as well as paintings, wall art and other forms of wall décor from Lighting Expo. Visit Lighting Expo for other home accent or lighting purchases, including barware, bookends, bowls/plates, boxes, candles/candle holders, chargers, clocks, covers/slipcovers, finials, fireplace accessories, home fragrances, rugs/pillows/blankets, shelves, statues/sculptures, trays, urns, vases/planters.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to home interior design, choosing home accent pieces, indoor and outdoor lighting and so much more, and you will surely choose the perfect Fireplace Tools or accent pieces or lighting for your home at