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Shop Pool Table Lights and Billiard Lights of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Introduction to Pool Table Lights

Are you thinking of installing a pool table or game table in your home? Do you have a kitchen island in your home? You may not think both of these areas of the home have much in common but they do. Pool Table Lights or Island Lights are a specific type of lighting that are meant to be hung over a longer rectangular-shaped table. These areas are places in the home where people gather to eat, talk, and spend time. If you are going to spend the most time in these rooms, they should be the rooms with the best lighting! Pool Table and Kitchen Island Lighting gives these areas a distinctive illumination. Create a different look and feel by simply adding the right style Kitchen Island Lights or Pool Table Lights. There are thousands to choose from online at Lighting Expo's!

Pool Table Lighting / Kitchen Island Lights are a popular choice among many homeowners with game rooms and island table. They can greatly enhance the look and feel of your room or space, as well as enhance the greater beauty of your home.

Why install Pool Table Lights? If you are looking to direct focus to your Pool Table or even a Bar area, and light it so you can see better while playing or sitting, Pool Table Lights are perfect. Why install kitchen island lights? Maybe you are looking to highlight the beautiful table itself. If you light the space properly then your family and guests can see their food, you will enjoy spending time in the space and will use it more often! Whether it is a complete room makeover or a brand new construction, you can find so many different varieties of Pool Table Lights and Island Lights at Lighting Expo.

Different Types and Applications of Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen Island Lighting fixtures are ideal for kitchen counters and islands. You can use multiple pendants as task lights and install them in rows over a countertop or table, or a kitchen island chandelier, similar to a chandelier but less ornate and more elongated, matching the shape and design of most island bars or kitchen counters.

Kitchen Island Lighting fixtures can actually be used in most parts of the home, but are ideal for kitchen counters and islands. You can use multiple mini pendants or pendants as task lights, install them in rows over the countertop or over the table. Or you can use a kitchen island chandelier for a completely different look compared to the pendant lighting for the kitchen. Kitchen Island chandeliers can match the shape and design of most island bars or kitchen counters. A mini Chandelier or chandelier Kitchen Island Light is ideal when you have a larger island because it will provide maximum illumination.

Different Types and Applications of Pool Table Lights

Pool Table lights are ideal for over billiard tables, game areas or bar areas. Pool Table Lights are meant to be installed over the table or bar itself and light the whole space so you can see to play or entertain. Some Pool Table and Island Lights function to light a space, but they can highlight the bar or table itself, accenting the room. You can also use multiple pendant lights or you can choose from a variety of other type of lighting that will give your space décor while perfectly illuminating it so you can play and relax.

Pool Table Lighting is available in a wide range of fixtures and bulb colors of probably any type of lighting. Red, blue, purple, green, oranges, and more, all available in multiple shades, as well as an ombre of mixed colors.

Pool Table Lights have a range in costs of fixtures, heights, styles such as Tiffany Glass, nautical, rustic, modern. Pool Table Lighting lights themselves come in different finishes like bronze and chrome but also different colors like orange/amber, white and clear. Special features that Lighting Expo carries is Energy Star products. which include LED. We also carry incandescent, halogen and fluorescent.

Design and Installation of Kitchen Island Lighting and Pool Table Lights

Aside from being decorative pieces, Kitchen Island Lighting and Pool Table Lights can serve an important purpose in the kitchen and game room. The kitchen countertop bar or kitchen island is a great feature in many homes for game nights, quiet time spent as a family, meal times and entertaining guests. Both spaces should be kept well-lit with kitchen island lights or pool table lights, as both spaces require good lighting. It is easier and much safer to prepare food or drinks, and much more fun to play pool in a well-lit space.

How to Choose the Best Pool Table and Island Lights?

Pool Table Lights and Island Lighting can offer a touch of lighting to enhance the aesthetics of your game room, kitchen island or billiard table, while also serving as adding to the illumination of this area. Lighting Expo carries an immense collection of Ceiling Lighting including Large Chandeliers, Mid-size Chandeliers and Mini Chandeliers, Pendants and Mini Pendants, Island / Pool Table Lighting, Flush Mount and Semi Flush Mounts, Foyer / Hallway Lanterns, Track Lighting, Recessed Lighting and Ceiling Medallions. Visit Lighting Expo at or speak to one of our professionally trained staff members about affordable Pool Table Lights / Island Light fixtures.