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Candlestick Lamps of All Styles

Shop Candlestick Lamps of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Introduction to Candlestick Lamps

Candlestick Lamps are lamps with a square base and a very thin, long neck (stem) which is shaped similar to a candelabra or has a shaded bulb at the top. Candlestick Lamps are available in singles, sets of two table lamps or even a floor candlestick lamp which is much taller and can shed more light to a room. Candlestick Lamps are a charming type of lamp to choose for any table, desk or space in your home. Sometimes the stem has different designs in it, other times it is a simple straight look. Other Candlestick Lamps are wall sconces, and look like a candelabra with multiple bulbs, as many as five or as little as one. Candlestick lamps give a very romantic, classic, vintage look and feel to a room. At Lighting Expo, we have dedicated lighting experts who can help you choose the very best Candlestick Lamp Lighting for your home.

Candlestick Lamps are a way to modernize your home on a budget, because they are a simple detail that can help brighten your home! At Lighting Expo, Candlestick Lamps are available in a wide variety and all from top name brands.

Lamp Lighting, particularly Candlestick Lamps, is a very practical form of lighting to add to any table or desk or end table in your household. This is because Candlestick Lamps are useful, serving a purpose while also looking elegant. And Candlestick Lamp lighting comes in all styles, finishes and heights. No matter the look or height you are searching for, Lighting Expo has Candlestick Lamps to meet any and all of your requirements. Lighting Expo, at or at any of our showrooms, carries so many different brands of Candlestick Lamps, including table candlestick lamps, floor candlestick lamps and sconces. There are tall Candlestick Lamps and short, square bottomed Candlestick Lamps and circular bottomed candlestick lamps as well as a variety of candlestick lamps sconces.

A Candlestick Lamp can take up minimal space on any desk and can turn an empty coffee table or accent table into a great place to sit and enjoy. Candlestick lamps definitely add a decorative element to a side table or a bedside tableside as well as adding a certain perfect ambiance to a home.

Different Sorts and Applications of Candlestick Lamps

Functional and stylish Candlestick Lamp lighting comes in a wide variety from Lighting Expo. Portable table candlestick lamps and floor Candlestick Lamps are a great addition to any home because they make great accent pieces. If you are looking for a great piece to add to your accent table, if you are in need of a light to brighten your desk or reading spot.

A Candlestick Lamp is portable so you can move them closer or farther, you can have a shade that dims or throws more light, etc. You can put a Candlestick Lamp on a timer or dimmer to adjust the light to meet your needs. And you can also use LED bulbs, which can last years, albeit at a larger upfront cost. LED bulbs in your Candlestick Lamp can help you save on your monthly energy bills.

Design and Installation of Candlestick Lamps

Before you make a purchase of a Candlestick Lamp, assess the style of the room, this way you pick the Candle Stick Lamp that is perfect for your needs, a desk candlestick lamp or a floor candlestick lamp, or a sconce candlestick lamp. If you have matching end or accent tables, you can choose two matching candlestick lamps, and matching floor candlestick or sconce candlestick lamps to frame a fireplace.

Sconce Candlestick Lamps will need electrical as they go straight into the wall, but table candlestick lamps will need to be placed near an electrical outlet.

How to Choose the Best Candlestick Lamps

Lighting Expo has a wide assortment of collections of Candlestick Lamps. Candlestick Lamps are very popular and Lighting Expo is the perfect stop to find a perfect Candlestick lamp for your home. Check out Lighting Expo online at's wide range of products, including Candlestick Lamp Lighting for your home. If you are unsure of what to purchase for your home, save time and money by asking one of our dedicated Lighting Expo staff, who will help you make the right choice for you. Lighting Expo carries an enormous collection of Lamp Lighting including Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Desk/Piano Lamps, Accent Lamps, Pharmacy Table Lamps, Pharmacy Floor Lamps, Swing Arm Floor Lamps, Candlestick Lamps, Torchieres, and Shades for each. Lighting Expo has more than 25 years of experience lighting your home. When it comes to choosing the best type of fans or lighting for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at will be able to answer any questions you may have!