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Swing Arm Wall Lights of All Styles

Shop Swing Arm Wall Lights of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Swing Arm Wall Lights are a popular design light fixture because they have the head of a table lamp, are structured on a slim neck, and the arm is rotating so that light can be directed in many angles and distances. Swing Arm Wall Lights are an affordable and beautiful way to enhance your home while adding a great lighting option. Swing Arm Wall lights can help you save on eye strain - as well as costs - as you can enhance your home and illuminate it in an affordable, energy efficient way! A Swing Arm Wall Light is a form of Lamp that it is installed by a plug or installed into the wall directly. It has a rotating arm so that you can "swing" the lamp, true to its name in different directions. You can also typically rotate the head of the fixture so that you can further bend the lighting to reach where you need it to.

Introduction to Swing Arm Wall Lights

Lighting Expo has uncovered a truly great selection of styles and types of Wall Lighting, specifically Swing Arm Wall Lights. This type of lamp is mainly for task lighting for reading, writing, hobbies or projects you would need task lighting for, however Swing Arm Wall Lights could of course be used for general lighting if that is what you chose to do. In your study or library or office, you would use a Swing Arm Wall lamp beside a reading chair or a desk, where the rotating arm could reach what you needed to be able to see. In your bedroom you would use a Swing Arm Wall Light alongside your bed, a favorite comfy chair or anyplace you would need to enhance the lighting so you could see better to read at night. In all these cases, you do not need to find table space or desk space. A Swing Arm Wall light installs onto the wall so you can read or write or use your computer with the proper lighting.

Homeowners have found endless uses for Swing Arm Wall Lights, from adult bedrooms to children's bedroom, dens, library and offices. You can now also find Swing Arm Wall Lights sneaking up in dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms by a vanity, and even on an enclosed deck or porch space where extra lighting is needed.

Different Types and Applications of Swing Arm Wall Lights

Lighting Expo carries so many different types of Swing Arm Wall Lights, ranging from large to small, gold or silver finishes to bronze and many other colors, some more ornate than others. The range of styles are all both beautiful, functional, and have an array of settings. You can install them with LED options to make the purchase "green" to boot! Swing Arm Wall Lights have helped make many tasks in the home more functional and easier to do. Swing Arm Wall Lights make great accent lighting, but also properly light a small space for computer or hobby use.

Design and Installation of Swing Arm Wall Lights

Swing Arm Wall Lights can be a fairly simply install. If you do not mind the cord you can install them directly into the wall and plug into an outlet to begin use. Of course you can always install on a wall and arrange for the electrical work so you do not need a cord. When placed strategically, Swing arm wall Lights can swing in the direction you need the lighting to go, so it is important to make sure there is room enough for the Swing Arm Wall Lamp arm to swing; otherwise, what's the point?! Also, please remember that you are using electricity which is a tricky and dangerous process so if you decide to install rather than just plug it in, you can hire a professional to help.

How to Choose the Best Swing Arm Wall Lights

You can find Swing Arm Wall Lights in various heights, colors, styles, and sizes from Lighting Expo. When it comes to adding the best Swing Arm Wall Lights to your walls at home, you can go to Lighting Expo retail showrooms or visit online at Visit us online at or at any of our convenient showrooms for this and so much more, including wall torchieres, picture lights, and swing arm wall lamps and much more!