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Shop Large Chandeliers, from Crystal Chandeliers to Modern Chandeliers, of All Sizes and Styles at Lighting Expo

An incredible chandelier will be the focal point of any room by serving as a decorative style element that enhances the beauty of fine furnishings. With so many design choices and interesting options, there is a chandelier to fit any decor or style. Find a piece that speaks to you and shows your individual style at Lighting Expo!

Chandeliers are available in a variety of finishes, heights, by a number of trusted brands in an array of styles, from Americana, to Art Glass, Asian-inspired, Contemporary, Crystal, Rustic, Southwestern Wrought Iron, Western and Victorian, with fruit, flower, nautical and landscape designs. Chandeliers come in large, medium and mini sizes, there are outdoor chandeliers, and there are chandelier dimmers available.

Large chandeliers symbolize both class and wealth. Large chandeliers are light fixtures that serve a grand, decorative functionality. Larger Chandeliers are commonly found in large foyers, dining rooms, grand ballrooms, and high-class hotels. Large chandeliers are affordable yet elegant chandeliers that fit any homeowner's budget.

Are you shopping for a new large chandelier? Lighting Expo is your ultimate destination offering an immense selection of different styles and designs of large chandeliers!

Large Chandelier Styles and Types

Large chandeliers are one of the most popular types of chandelier. A large chandelier's charm remains superior compared to other types of lighting designs. One such reason is that there are so many styles of large chandeliers to choose from: Americana, Art Glass, Contemporary, Crystal, Craftsman, Rustic, Southwest, Colonial, Victorian and Wrought Iron. Finishes for large chandeliers is typically black, bronze, brass, chrome, copper, gold, grey, nickel and white. Aside from glass and crystals, manufacturers also used other types of materials for large chandeliers. Common materials used are wood, shells, and stones. There are chandeliers that have a floral or rustic or landscape design to them. Large chandeliers have a variety of bulb/lighting options: drum shade, a glass shade, the candle in the form of a pillar candle, a place for real candles, spherical, or a starbust shape to the lighting itself. The glass for large chandeliers comes in a variety of colors and shades, clear, multi, green, red, yellow and more.

Where to use a Large Chandelier

Large chandeliers can hang from a variety of heights. Large Chandeliers are perfect for homes with high ceilings. You can place them in your entryway to your home, your large bedroom to make you feel like you are in a royal suite. You can put them in higher ceilinged hallways or even on porches that have a high ceiling. Large Chandeliers are most typically seen in grand dining rooms. Large chandeliers have even been found in walk-in closets. You will need to make sure the size of the chandelier is proportionate to the size of the room you plan to put it in, so that there is enough clearance for yourself, family and guests to safely walk below. For a dining room, you want to make sure guests are able to see each other when sitting at the table, so first you'll need to determine the size and height of the dining table before you can determine if a large chandelier is the right size for you.

Why Get a Chandelier?

You can greatly increase the value of your home with an exquisite large chandelier. The right large chandelier will never go out of style, will serve a grand decorative purpose and will also illuminate your home with beauty and ambiance. You can purchase large chandeliers with Energy Star ratings, energy efficient bulbs and accessories, LED bulbs and more. For a wide variety of choices of large chandeliers, visit Lighting Expo We offer large chandeliers from all the top name brands like Minka, Quoizel, Maxim, Savoy House, Metropolitan, Kichler, Hinkley, Corbett, Elk, Livex, Murray Feiss, Hudson Valley, and so many more!

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