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Oil / Oil Reproductions of All Styles

Wall Accents provide a great touch, essential to adding functionality to your home's walls. One of the best ways to spruce up your home without breaking the bank is with Oil Paintings or Oil Reproductions and other types of artwork! Artwork and paintings are one way homeowners have transformed their homes for years. And you can find a piece of artwork that speaks to you, or that brings life to your room, as they are available in so many types of paintings, from impressionist to still life. Not to mention the framing of an Oil Reproduction painting are a decorative piece themselves! Look to Lighting Expo to help you find great Oil Reproduction art or other wall accent or home accessories to add a great look to your walls.

Introduction to Oil / Oil Reproductions

One of best places to change the interior look in your home is not new expensive furniture, but instead, your walls! One way to upgrade a room if you do not have the means to do a total makeover is to upgrade your wall accents and Oil Reproductions are one such accent piece! A beautiful Oil Painting can completely change the look and feel of your wall as well at the way you use the room! There is no better place to turn in your search for Oil Paintings and Reproductions of fine artwork than Lighting Expo.

Different Types and Applications of Oil / Oil Reproductions

Wall Accents are pieces of artwork or décor or fixtures that you would see typically of use on your home's walls, and Oil Paintings and reproductions of those paintings are one such type of wall accent. Functional, elegant and stylishly framed, beautiful paintings and other artwork come in all shapes and sizes. Other accents and some of the many types of Home Décor from Lighting Expo includes: barware, bookends, bowls/plates, boxes, candles/candle holders, chargers, clocks, covers/slipcovers, finials, fireplace accessories, home fragrances, rugs/pillows/blankets, shelves, statues/sculptures, trays, urns, vases/planters and other decorative features.

Design and Installation of Oil / Oil Reproductions

Utilizing wall accents such as Oil paintings, reproductions and other artwork provide a way to liven up a blank canvas- your blank wall. When placed strategically, Oil paintings and oil reproductions can provide a dramatic effect to the room. Most people in the design field use artwork in the center of the walls or over tables and more. Now Oil paintings, reproductions are also accents in dining room walls, kitchen walls, hallways, bedroom walls, and any other spot in the home. Oil paintings and oil reproductions can be bought and hung in groups or singularly depending on how much wall space you have.

When it comes to the style, choose a piece of artwork that speaks to you, that makes sense in your space and fits the theme of your room. If you have a very large painting you may want to ask a professional to help mount it, as it may be extremely heavy in its frame. If you have many small pieces of artwork you can group them together in an interesting way.

Tips for Displaying Wall Art and Paintings

One important tip to remember is to be careful though when displaying artwork. Do not overcrowd the room with too much artwork or it may become overwhelming and take away from each piece of art you have hand selected. Also, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars for paintings and wall art. There are artists who make exquisite art pieces at reasonable prices. Or you can find replicas and reprint pieces that many shops sell, which may better fit your budget. Finally, Lighting Expo sells so many types of home accent and wall art, there are other types of wall accents you can use to decorate the room. These days, you can even use architectural elements, such as mirrors and clocks as wall décor.

How to Choose the Best Oil / Oil Reproductions

When it comes to furnishing your home, it's the little details like adding a beautiful oil painting that can truly make all the difference. With help from Lighting Expo design experts, you can be sure your experience purchasing your painting will be successful and satisfying. You will enjoy choosing from the many unique paintings, wall art and other forms of wall décor from Lighting Expo. You do not have to be an artist to pick a painting – you choose which piece means something to you. So when it comes to furnishing your home, it's all in the details of each accessory, each home accent piece, and the perfect oil painting and oil reproduction artwork can make all the difference! Visit Lighting Expo for other home accent or lighting purchases, including barware, bookends, bowls/plates, boxes, candles/candle holders, chargers, clocks, covers/slipcovers, finials, fireplace accessories, home fragrances, rugs/pillows/blankets, shelves, statues/sculptures, trays, urns, vases/planters. There are so many possibilities when it comes to home interior design, choosing home accent pieces, indoor and outdoor lighting and so much more, and you will surely choose the perfect accent pieces or lighting for you at