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Plaques of All Styles

Wall Art provides a great touch, essential to adding functionality to your home's walls, and Plaques are one such type of wall art. Liven up your wall space and make it more functional by installing Wall Accents like Plaques, available from top name brands.

Introduction to Wall Plaques

One of best places you can spruce up in your home is your walls! One way to upgrade a room if you do not have the means to do a total makeover is to upgrade your walls by adding a decorative feature such as a Plaque! Plaques can completely change the look and feel of your wall as well at the way you use the room! There is no better place to turn in your search for Wall Accents like Plaques and other artwork than Lighting Expo.

Wall Accents like Plaques can be simple decorative pieces or works of art. Plaques can be added to any room in the home. They can be modern and contemporary, be more old-fashioned or give a new, fresh style. You can find Plaques in a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. Wall Accents like Plaques may be flat to the material (metal or otherwise) or protrude from it. In any case, Plaques provide a certain touch to the room, and a way to spice up a blank wall. When placed strategically, Plaques can provide a dramatic effect to the room.

Design and Installation of Wall Accents

In the past, people mainly use Plaques to provide specific decorating enhancement for rooms in their home. Now with their various styles, shapes and sizes, homeowners have found many uses for wall Plaques in dining room walls, kitchen walls, hallways, bedroom walls, and any other spot in the home. Wall Plaques can be bought and hung in groups or singularly depending on how much wall space you have.

When it comes to the style, choose a Plaque or Plaques that best fits the theme of your home so that the accent will look right in place.

How to Choose the Best Wall Plaques

When it comes to furnishing your home, it's the little details like Plaques that make an impact. Plaques play an important role in home decorating. They make bare walls look more interesting, warm and vibrant. You do not need to be an expert in interior design to make your home beautiful by choosing a plaque that speaks to you.

Tips for Installing Plaques

One important tip to remember is to be careful when displaying artwork like plaques. Do not overcrowd the room with too many plaques or spend too much on a piece as there are so many available at reasonable prices. Finally, Lighting Expo sells so many types of home accent and wall art, there are other types of wall accents you can use to decorate the room if you don't see a plaque you like.

When it comes to the style, choose a piece of artwork that speaks to you, that makes sense in your space and fits the theme of your room. If you have a very large painting you may want to ask a professional to help mount it, as it may be extremely heavy in its frame. If you have many small pieces of artwork you can group them together in an interesting way.

How to Choose the Best Plaques

With help from Lighting Expo design experts, you can be sure your experience purchasing your painting will be successful and satisfying. You will enjoy choosing from the many unique paintings, wall art and other forms of wall décor from Lighting Expo. Visit Lighting Expo for other home accent or lighting purchases, including barware, bookends, bowls/plates, boxes, candles/candle holders, chargers, clocks, covers/slipcovers, finials, fireplace accessories, home fragrances, rugs/pillows/blankets, shelves, statues/sculptures, trays, urns, vases/planters. There are so many possibilities when it comes to home interior design, choosing home accent pieces, indoor and outdoor lighting and so much more, and you will surely choose the perfect accent pieces or lighting for you at