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Shop Wall Lights of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Wall Lights are a fashionable and easy, modern way to illuminate your wall spaces while also serving a ornamental purpose. Adding Wall Lights is a simple and central detail to brighten your room, and at Lighting Expo, they are available from top name brands.

Introduction to Wall Lights

There is no better way to enhance the look of your home than by adding new Wall lighting! Whether you need to illuminate a big or small space, or you are looking to add wall lighting for purely decorative purposes, to make a grand statement, or to fill space, wall lighting can do any and all of the above. There are a variety of types and styles and looks of wall lights to meet your needs and fulfill the look you were going for. If your walls are overcrowded and you are looking to simplify there are wall lights that can make the space functional and pretty. If you are working with a blank space, wall lights can add a form of artwork or decoration and can make a blank palate pop with style and class. Wall lights are functional and decorative and add an element of ambiance to any space, personality to any room, and of course they take up no countertop or ceiling space, compared to other type of lighting.
A Wall light is a very popular wall lighting fixture for many reasons including that as well as providing function as lighting it also doubles as a piece of wall art, a decorative piece. Wall lights typically direct light upwards or downwards across the wall, as the lighting hugs the wall rather than bounces to the room as other lighting does. There is no base on the ground for a wall light; it is adhered directly to the wall. Wall lights can provide a dramatic effect to the room since they cast light on the wall, as accent lighting. You can use one wall light to function as general lighting, or many to illuminate a small space, such as a long hallway.

Different Types of Wall Lights and their Applications

Wall Lighting is lighting you would typically use in a room that does not offer countertop or ceiling space. Perhaps it is a long hallway, an entryway or another area that is rather dark, has no room for furniture in order to put a table lamp on a table. Or perhaps its' an area that cannot use ceiling lighting due to a low clearance of ceiling. Wall lighting is elegant and functional and stylish. Wall lights come in very large and rather small sizes, in an array of finishes and styles. Lighting Expo carries so many different types of Wall Lights, Wall Sconces, Bathroom Lighting, Wall Torchieres, Picture Lights, and Swing Arm Lamps.
There are some great different types of Wall lighting on the market today. Some of the many types of wall lighting sold by Lighting Expo include wall scones, bath vanity lights and foyer lanterns. Any of these are in addition to the many other choices of outdoor, landscape and of course interior types of lighting that Lighting Expo carries. You can find these wall lights in different materials and colors as well as finishes and styles.

Design and Installation of Wall Lights

Wall Lighting installations are perfect for hallways, areas, closets and reading rooms. Wall Lights can be installed fairly easily. First you need to assess the size of the room before you decide which type of Lighting Expo wall light fixture to choose for your space. Do you need to install just one wall light fixture or many? If many, you will have to measure the distance apart to keep them spaced properly. Whether you are installing one or many, you will want to make sure you measure properly to avoid adding unnecessary holes in your walls! For the style, consider your room or hallway's décor and the overall design of the space where you will use the wall lighting. The style will determine which wall lighting hardware you choose. Once you have selected a Wall lighting fixture, you will need to determine whether the installation process is in your realm of capabilities, or if you should pass this job alone to a professional (no shame in that!). In this case, installing a wall light means you are working with electricity, so you will have to be extra careful and it helps if you are already knowledgeable in how to install a wall light; if you are neither, perhaps you should offer the job to someone trained who could probably install in half the time with no issues.

How to Choose the Best Wall Lights

You do not need to look far in search for the best Wall Lights; Find exactly what you are looking for at Lighting Expo! You can speak with Lighting Expo's experienced and helpful professionals, or visit Lighting Expo online at Be it Wall lights, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and home decor, all products sold by Lighting Expo are from the most trusted brand manufacturers in the industry. You will be choosing quality and durability no matter what you purchase from Lighting Expo. Find the perfect Wall lighting fixtures to meet your needs at Lighting Expo.

Wall Sconces

A wall sconce is a popular wall lighting fixture that is reminiscent of lights used in castle walls. There is a dramatic effect that a wall sconce gives off. They are available in antique but also many more modern styles to suit your tastes! There are wall sconces specifically made for the outdoors and those you can only use indoors. Wall sconces are great for brightening a dark hallway or entryway or on the outside of your home around the doorway.

Wall Swing Lamps

Wall swing lamps are wall lights perfect for bedroom or table side reading areas. If you do not have room for a table to put a lamp on, don't fret; instead you can install a wall swing lamp to save space. A wall swing lamp is ideal for smaller bedrooms with no floor space, or for those who want to free up floor space in a room that requires light for hobbies, desk area, reading area, etc. The swing arm of a wall swing lamp is often adjustable so it can reach near or far, as you need. You can position it for the perfect in-bed reading or to hang above your favorite reading chair. If you have a hobby table that is running out of space you can use a wall swing lamp as a space saver. You can also place a wall swing lamp beside your dresser for applying make-up.

Other Types of Wall Lights

Bathroom vanity lights provide necessary and beautiful illumination in the bathroom. It can help lighten a mirror or give you lighting in a dark shower space. Also, a picture light is great for highlighting artwork or sculptures, or even family photos that adorn your wall.
No matter your need, no matter the space, you can't go wrong with any beautiful wall lighting fixtures from Lighting Expo, visit our showrooms or online at Your walls will never look dull again with the addition of wall lighting. Lighting Expo offers an incredibly wide variety of Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, Lamps, Outdoor Lighting, Fans and Home Accent pieces. Lighting Expo has more than 25 years of experience lighting your home. When it comes to choosing the best type of fans or lighting for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at will be able to answer any questions you may have!