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Shop Semi Flush Mount Lighting of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Introduction to Semi Flush Mount Lighting

When it comes to selecting a type of a lighting that also doubles in decorating your home, choosing the proper Semi Flush Mount Lighting fixtures can do the trick! Semi Flush Mount Lighting comes in all type, finish, styles, shapes and brands. Shopping flush mount lighting for a room in your home can seem like an intimidating task, but if you know what you are looking for you can weed through the enormous amount of options available. The experts at Lighting Expo can help narrow your choices of Semi Flush Mount Lighting depending on your tastes, the room you are decorating, the ceiling height, and your budget.

Different Types of Semi Flush Mount Lighting

Semi flush mount lighting is different than flush mount lighting. Flush mounts are installed directly, flush, to a surface, creating a 'bump' look to the ceiling, meaning, there is no rod extending the lighting fixture down.

Semi Flush Mount Lighting is a combination of both a chandelier and flush mount light. Semi Flush Mount Lighting attaches to the surface of a ceiling by a stem, and the rest of the fixture is hanging from the ceiling by a rod. With a semi flush mount, there is a gap between the light fixture and ceiling. A semi flush mount is typically less ornate than a chandelier but more decorative than a flush mount.

Deciding whether to buy Semi Flush Mount Lighting Fixtures may depend on the ceiling height of the room. Because it is not flush with the ceiling, you will need some clearance beneath. This type of lighting is not recommended for homes with low ceilings, however, if your ceiling has a higher clearance, Semi Flush Mount Lighting is a perfect choice!

Semi Flush Mount Lights are ideal for living rooms, over a kitchen table, kitchen island, dining rooms and other places people gather. You always want to make sure people sitting can see one another with an unobstructed view.

Design and Installation of Semi Flush Mount Lighting Fixtures

Semi Flush Mount Lighting is the perfect type of lighting to install in homes with higher ceilings or with enough clearance over a tabletop. Semi Flush Mount Lighting offers a unique versatility in its design and style, perfect for any home, offering additional ambient light. You can choose an LED bulb for your Semi Flush Mount fixture to conserve energy and save on costs.

How to Choose the Best Semi Flush Mount Lighting Fixtures?

Semi Flush Mount lighting fixtures are available from Lighting Expo in a variety of finishes, styles, sizes and from different brands. You can install a single Semi Flush Mount Lighting fixture or several semi flush mount lights in different areas of a room for a dramatic effect. The right Semi Flush Mount can be found to meet any budget. Light up your home with Semi Flush Mount Lighting today! Lighting Expo carries an immense collection of Ceiling Lighting including Large Chandeliers, Mid-size Chandeliers and Mini Chandeliers, Pendants and Mini Pendants, Island / Pool Table Lighting, Flush Mount and Semi Flush Mounts, Foyer / Hallway Lanterns, Track Lighting, Recessed Lighting and Ceiling Medallions.