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Shades of All Styles

Shop Shades of All Sizes at Lighting Expo

Introduction to Lamp Shades

A variety of Shades are available online at or from any of the Lighting Expo showrooms! Shades are available for table lamps, floor lamps, accent lamps, for chandelier lights and wall sconces. Shades serve a great purpose besides being a beautiful, decorative element. Shades are aptly named because they shade your eyes from the direct glare from the bulb, diffusing light downward and outward, filling a room with light.

Use of Lamp Shades

Lampshades are beneficial for a number of reasons. Shades shield eyes from glare of a lightbulb, which can be harsh and harmful to the retina. Shades direct light in a purposeful way, such as ambient light or task lighting. Shades move heat away from the bulb. Shades can change the mood lighting of a room from anywhere from bright to soft. And finally, lamp shades compliment a room, provide a decorative piece, add a pop of color, or an accent where needed.

Types and Applications of Shades

Lighting Expo carries so many different types of lamp shades, and each serves a different purpose.

  • Drum or Cylinder Lamp Shades send light out through the top and bottom widely, and can emit through the shade itself.
  • Empire or Coolie Lamp Shades have a flared bottom that emits the light and diffuses it.
  • Bell Lamp Shades is a mix between the above two, emitting light from the top and bottom of the shade.
  • Hard-Back Lamp Shades have a metal framework and are opaque which prevents light from passing through the shade.
  • Soft-Back Lamp Shades have a flexible lining and require supports to keep the shape of the shade, but allows light to pass through the shade.
  • Some other shaped lamp shades are oval, rectangular, floor shades (larger), hexagon shades, tiffany shades, art glass shades and mini chandelier lamp shades.

How to Choose a Shade

Light bulbs produce heat, so you want to make sure your new shade is not too close to the bulb; you do not want to start a fire! Choose a shade 1-2 inches from the bulb to the shade for a 40/60 watt bulb, and a shade 3-4 inches from the bulb to shade for a 75-150 watt bulb. Remember to never exceed the maximum wattage of the fixture because the shade could catch fire or could start an electrical fire. If you are unsure about a replacement shade, speak to one of our Lighting Expo experts to help you.

Keep the top of the shade is open to vent the heat; Never ever cover the shade with a scarf or cloth. And always remove the plastic from a new shade.

At Lighting Expo, we have dedicated lighting experts who can help you choose the very best shades to accompany lighting for your home. If you are unsure of what lamp shade to purchase for your home, save time and money by asking one of our dedicated Lighting Expo staff. Lighting Expo carries an enormous collection of Lamp Lighting including Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Desk/Piano Lamps, Accent Lamps, Pharmacy Table Lamps, Pharmacy Floor Lamps, Swing Arm Floor Lamps, Candlestick Lamps, Torchieres, and Shades for each. Lighting Expo has more than 25 years of experience lighting your home. When it comes to choosing the best type of fans or lighting for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at will be able to answer any questions you may have!